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BOHEMIA Chandelier Made in Czech Republic

BOHEMIA Crystal - Original Czech Crystal

Crystals from SWAROVSKI

Italia Decň

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e-Shop >  Partnership Selecard

Partership Selecard

At the holders of Selecard, Kristall Boutique reserves an exceptional 10% discount on all online purchases!

What is Selecard?
The Circuit Selecard is a personalized system of benefits and services, similar to what the brand represents to the VISA credit cards, shared by contracted partners (currently about 20,000 nationwide) and identifies the owner (about 2.5 million individuals) as beneficiary of the benefit to the special conditions agreed.

What is the audience of Selecard partnership?
All holders of Selecard, receive a special 10% discount on all online purchases (minimum order 50,00 EUR) made on Kristall Boutique eShop.

How does it work?
The holders of Selecard will receive the discount of 10% on your online purchases, copying an alphanumeric code, "Coupon Discount" (available on into the box of the shopping cart during the checkout process (see example below).

Where is the Coupon Discount?
The holders of Selecard will go on and copy the Coupon Discount, on the page dedicated to Kristall Boutique, in the section E-commerce.

What products is valid Selecard partnership?
Selecard partnership is valid on all products in the catalog nell'eShop of Kristall Boutique: crystalware BOHEMIA, Thun 1794 porcelain, chandeliers of BOHEMIA crystal and crystalware BOHEMIA Line Luxury.

Is Selecard partnership valid on the services of Kristall Boutique Wedding?
No. Selecard partnership doesn't apply to the Wedding list online enabled by the future Brides and the service Souvenirs.

Selecard partnership is cumulative with other promotions of Kristall Boutique?
Yes. The Selecard partnership is combined with the Promotion Gold.

Why does not appear in my shopping cart the discount of Selecard partnership?
To see discount of Selecard partnership in the shopping cart, you must first Login (New Customers must first register) and then proceed with the purchase of products dell'eShop.

How can I get more information on Selecard partnership?
For more information on Selecard partnership contact the Customer Service.

Example of Selecard partnership in the shopping cart

Partnership Selecard - Discount 10% for holders of Selecard

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